Vous trouverez ici un descriptif des travaux effectués.

My main interest so far has been the connection of semantics and verification. It encompasses (tree) automata theory, notions of languages and recognition, logic over words and trees, linear logic and its models, domain theory, game semantics, type theory, some game theory, but also coinduction and infinitary rewriting.

I have also been working on probabilistic aspects of computation, and especially on type systems for probabilistic notions of termination, with Prof. Dal Lago in Bologna, and Prof. Kobayashi (Tokyo).

I have joined in 2017 the LIRICA team of the LIS (CNRS & Université Aix-Marseille) and have started to work on modal logics, in addition to these previous items, with Prof. Olivetti and Tiziano Dalmonte.

In Aix-Marseilles I have also started to work on mathematics and computer science applied to precision oncology, in collaboration with the INRIA team COMPO.

I have a personal taste for synthesis and tentative unification of domains.